quality control

Ascencia boasts the most comprehensive array of Quality Control tools for Cardio-Respiratory instrumentation. From calibration syringes to lung simulators, we've got you covered!
Most instrumentation can be purchased &/or rented, as per your preference.

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hr syringes
Calibration Syringes
10, 100, 500, 1000, 3000 & 7000 ml
Adjustable stops & optional outlet port diameters
hans rudolph
Calibration Gases (alpha standard)
Alpha Standard, disposable cylinders for calibration, simulation & validation
vtg sim
Plethysmograph (Vtg) Simulator
Wireless, portable device for verification of lung volumes by plethysmography
Diffusing Capacity Test Simulator
For validation of Single-Breath TLco/DLco measurements
Calibration Syringe Validator
Syringe Validator for 3L & 7L Syringes
Gas Exchange Validator
Simulates expired gases for validation of exercise systems and metabolic carts