EXHALYZER D Infant Lung Function System

The most promising lung function technique to monitor the involvement of small airways is the multiple breath washout technique (MBW). It reflects the ventilation inhomogeneity of the lung. It has been shown that MBW is extremely sensitive to detect early structural changes. The new SPIROWARE® 3.1 is a flexible software tool for easy performing, analyzing and reporting MBW and single breath (SBW) washout tests. This powerful package is the graphical interface between “ONLINE” quality controlled measurement and transparent documentation of the evaluated data. The future oriented concept fullfils highest requirements of reliability, functionality and easy operation.

   Tidal Breathing Analysis
   FRC and ventilation inhomogeneity measurements
   Lung Clearance Index (LCI) and Slope 3 analysis (SnIII)
   Nitrogen Washout or SF6 FRC measurements
   Single occlusion lung mechanics analysis
   Capnography and Oximetry
   Multiple and single breath FENO analysis